Photography by the talented Terry Hawkins
(please send a message if we’ve used your photos and you would like credit)

Welcome to a sight and sound experience like no other!

Jinokoya is an original New World Rock band with an 80’s vibe. Also bringing you those forgotten yet favorite cover tunes. You can go to see a band or go listen to a band, but with Jinokoya you will certainly have the best of both worlds while dancing your ass off the minute the experience begins.

Jinokoya is:
Mari/Death Kitty              – Keyboards, Programming, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Wilson                     – Guitar, Vocals
Bobby LaLuna                  – Bass, Vocals
Craig Conway                   – Drums

Jinokoya has performed at large events such as Nat’l Harbor Food and Wine Fest, Battlefield Harley Davidson Mystic Faire, Otakon at Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore City Street Matsuri at Camden Yards, and Ongaku no Tomo Hall in Tokyo.

Jinokoya has a brand new line-up with shows booked for 2019. While the original members Dave and Sherman will always be in my heart, the project will now be moving forward nationally and hopefully reaching the international markets.